6 Tips to Prepare Your Home For A Newborn

     Having children is the dream of every human being, we as prospective parents deserve to prepare all the needs for our children later, here are tips that we should pay attention to as prospective parents.

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1. Cleaning the entire room of the house
 Home hygiene is the most important thing when preparing a house for a newborn,  newborn usually needs clean and comfortable air. But in fact, it's not only necessary for babies, you need it when you're at work and also after. Commitment to a man or family, ask for your help to keep the house always clean to be free of dust and germs. His health and the fruit of the heart are the most important.

2. Prepare a place to change clothes or diapers
If there is no room at home to create a kindergarten, don't worry, because you've simply rearranged the room. Consider where you will change your child's clothes or nappies later, either in bed or when you need to keep them in the closet. Prepare a long-term playroom where the child can learn to crawl and other activities. The new environment of the room can also affect your mood, which will change after birth.

3. Make your home safe for children
Create a safe family environment for babies. Although a fetus is not too active, you need to prepare for safety at home since pregnancy. An example of baby safety equipment is the use of a fence in the stair fountain when your house is attached, safety at the end of crispy furniture and an electric flow lid. Also consider storing cleaning tools that contain chemicals from the places you received from your toddler.

4. Cleaning the refrigerator
One that is often left out of thought when the time of birth is expected is to prepare the room in the refrigerator. You will probably need this storage space to store breast milk, especially if you plan to provide breast milk for two full years. We recommend that the milk stored in the refrigerator is not mixed with the food you store.

5. Home supplies
While you are waiting for the time of birth, you can fill it with the needs at home shopping at home, after the birth, you usually need to rest and also recover at home, so that the time buys the necessities that the La Food material will be a bit difficult  Be. Make the list first to make your time in the supermarket more efficient.

6. Prepare a baby bed

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