Baby Crying at Night for No Reason

   Often we are panicked by children who often cry when sleeping at night, sometimes we as parents have persuaded him in various ways, but our children have not also stopped crying, here is the cause of babies who like Crying for no reason while sleeping at night.

Baby Crying at Night for No Reason - Image by Deedee86 from Pixabay
1. Hungry
 Babies who cry at night could be caused by hunger. In addition to crying, another sign of hungry baby is the appearance of a hand insert ingejunct in the mouth or a movement to suck your lips. If the child does this, give him milk immediately. To stop crying at night because of hunger, try to notice the habit of breastfeeding, especially at night. Set the alarm to give you milk in those moments before you cry or picky because you are hungry.

2. Fatigue
 The time of crying at night can be part of the normal growth process. This is because when babies leave the womb, they start to see and hear new things that can keep the brain busy. That's why the baby may be picky and weeps at night because he feels tired with his new "lessons".

3. Wet layers
 In addition to hunger, uncomfortable at night wet or full and make baby you cry. In order not to disturb the child's sleep, the mother is advised to check her nappy before bed. If it's wet, replace it with a new one so you don't bother to sleep and cry because the diaper is wet.

4. Loneliness
 Being the only person who is awake at night can make the little one feel lonely and eventually make you cry because the mother needs attention. When caused by this, the little girl's scream usually stops when she looks in the face, hears the sound, or is touched by the mother.

Some of the things described above could be the cause of a crying baby at night. However, the mother should also pay attention to the crying of babies, which indicate a state of health.
In case of a health problem, crying of babies is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy or non-appetite. In addition, Bunda should also be careful when the scream is very annoying, as this may indicate that the child is in pain.

If you find any of the above signs, talk to your child with your doctor so that it is possible to know the cause and the appropriate treatment.

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