Dangers of Nursing Mothers While Playing Mobile Phones

     Daily activities are never loose from mobile phone play such as social media and others, without realizing the mobile phone near the baby who is breastfeeding is very dangerous, what are the dangers that will be caused and the impact on the baby following the explanation we have summarized;
Breastfeeding while playing mobile
Photo by Anna Shvets of Pexels
Where is the cellular radiation?
From where radiation is based, radiation comes from the electromagnetic waves that appear when the signal or Wi-Fi is activated, the impact of radiation on the baby will be greater when the age of the baby is under 6 months, when the baby is over 6 months the impact of radiation is not so great but still persists.

Characteristics of infants exposed to mobile radiation
1. Babies are sensitive to light, if the baby is exposed to cell phone radiation then the baby will be          sensitive to light long term effect is not a cuman hard to see the light from the phone screen but light-the light of any baby will be difficult to see gradually the baby can experience blind.
2. The eyes will be more visible drying if the eyes dry then usually the eyes will look red and will be itching by the baby, do not let your baby scratch itself will be a result of irritation to his eyes.
3. The baby will look tired, if the baby is exposed to radiation then the baby looks inactive, babies who are not exposed to radiation or normal he will tend to be more active in motion it is seen the baby who always move the legs and his hands differ from the baby affected by the radiation will look more tired and rarely move.
4. The baby will often vomit, it will be very harmful to the baby if the baby is too often vomit then the baby will be dehydration and leads to pain.
5. Baby is difficult to concentrate, difficulty concentrating the intention is baby development disturbed baby will slow walking, talk and learn other things.
6. Brain damage, infant brain damage and can affect other functions of the body such as the foot of the hand can not be moved and the baby will experience paralyzed.
7. The occurrence of tumors in the infant brain, the most severe is the occurrence of tumors in infant brain.

     Tips Carefully put the handphone near the baby to try while breastfeeding do not use the phone and do not get on a baby mattress or near baby.

How to reduce baby's radiation to handphone; 
1. Mobile radiation will work harder when used for telepuses, streaming video, playing games, or on the go, because at the time in the way the mobile signal is unstable it will be more dangerous to the radiation, while we are playing games or even telponan distance you play or call the baby so that the baby is not exposed to radiation because the baby is very sensitive and still very sensitive to
2. Do not place the handphone in the bag or shirt is very dangerous for the baby because when we hold the handphone the phone signal will continue to radiated and radiation can be about the baby.
3. If the urgent circumstances usually we use Handphone but do not use the headset, because the headset contains RF energy and it will be very harmful to the baby.
4. Radiation reduction products, do not believe in the radiation reduction products, as described in the U.S. Trade Commission (FTC), because in the product contains RF energy.

     What is still no cell phone radiation even though it has been switched off mobile networks?
According to the question often asked friends to the doctor is there any cellular radiation although it has been switched off the network, Handphone emit radiation when cellular data is activated or connected with Wi-Fi network and at the time of call then the radiation will be very strong therefore we conclude that if Handphone turned off then there will be no radiation because the mobile network is dead, at a certain time or urgent then we can turn off handphone to reduce radiation to baby , or it could be by activating airplane mode.

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